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Dark Embers (2010)

by Tessa Adams(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 3
0451230582 (ISBN13: 9780451230584)
NAL Trade
Dragon's Heat
review 1: This is a love/hate book. You will love it if you are looking for super hot erotic sex and a lot of it, or hate it if you expect a substantive coherent story line. I still can not make up my mind about this book. It is books like this one that makes me wish I were a professional editor because there is so much I could do to improve it. Very simple things like continuity. There are so many places that trip up the story that it becomes irritating! Such as a bleeding wrist while she is laying down somehow causes the blood to pool around her ankles? Uh..... since the book takes place in New Mexico I'm assuming gravity still works the same. There are other places where he is standing in the door then at the end of the sentence is suddenly in bed with her. Just reads all jumbl... moreed! I seem to be into dragons lately so I purchased this book on that premise alone. I rarely read reviews before I buy a book but I will after this one. Good Lord, I would have saved myself a great deal of real irritation. Dylan is a dragon that is super sexy and the sex scenes are HOT! This is definitely erotic sex but it becomes overdone and tedious about 50% of the time. The anal scenes did not bother me but the rape did. I thought I was missing something so at this point I read some reviews. There is a scene about 20% in where Phoebe says no and Dylan is such a brute he claims his dragon is so Alpha that he has to take take take, and he does. That smacked of rape to me. Then you get to the scene toward the end that.... well read some other reviews that hide spoilers. If rape bothers you, don't read this book. If you want a sex book with a little lacking story line, you'll love it. Now why I can't make up my mind. I began skimming the sex scenes then going back to read them and wishing I didn't. But what story line there is, is interesting. I want to know more about the characters. I want answers to the glaring plot holes. Eh... if I run out of other dragon books to read I might come back to this series.
review 2: When an unfathomable disease attacks certain members of the Dragonstar dragon shifters, King Dylan heads to a premier medical researcher and offers her millions to come to his clans New Mexico residence. Upon her arrival it is learned that Dylan's niece has contracted the deadly disease and lives Dylan and all others who knew her in a state of devastation. Having arrived in time to oversee the final moments of such and outgoing, lovely teen, Dr. Phoebe Quillum rolls up her sleeves and gets down to work trying to find out why this germ only affects certain members of who she thinks is a native American Tribe. While staying with Dylan in his home, Phoebe and Dylan have a sexual bond like nothing either has ever felt before. Dylan's only reserve with Phoebe is the fact that she cannot be his mate because she is human. Things are not always as they seem...with the disease or Phoebe. I enjoyed this foray into Tessa Adams Dragon series and have the next two in this series waiting to be read. Join me and soar with dragons.... less
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Stopped reading it a quarter of the way through. It was just ok.
SCORCHING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love these Dragons!!!!!!
what did I just read? noLike, almost. But no.
A super HOT sexy Paranormal Romance!
hot hot hot
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