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Kruistocht In Spijkerbroek (1973)

by Thea Beckman(Favorite Author)
4.15 of 5 Votes: 6
9060691679 (ISBN13: 9789060691670)
review 1: "Cruzada en Jeans" es uno de mis libros favoritos de todos los tiempos. Una historia épica medieval del viaje de un grupo de niños por Europa con la finalidad de llegar a Jerusalén, una cruzada. Lo poco usual es la participación de un viajero en el tiempo, proveniente de nuestra época. Es un libro simplemente maravilloso, lleno de aventuras y de peligros. Cien por ciento recomendado para niños y adultos.
review 2: I read this book in Dutch in the1970's when I studied to be a children's librarian. Recently, almost 40 years later (of which 30 years spent in the USA), I decided to read the English translation, called "Crusade in Jeans". I even vaguely remember attending reading by Thea Beckman, but I don't know which book. One of the main reasons the book ga
... moreined so much acclaim 40 years ago, was Beckman's use of the Dutch language. Her writing was crisp, clear and simple. The story was told in a very direct way. Despite the fact that this translation was not bad, I missed some of the mood Beckman created with her use of language.Over the years I have become a skeptic of time travel in children's books. I have become sensitive to the mode of "teleportation" and the logic behind it. I have to remember that in 1973 we stood at the beginning of writing specifically for young adults, and also that technology was much less advanced. In 1973 no cell phones could time travel to the Middle Ages. I discovered that in this book, the way the journey to the past happens is irrelevant. What is relevant is how a modern teenager thinks, feels and acts when he lands in the middle of a medieval children's crusade. This Beckman describes very clearly without getting into too much psychological detail, especially when Dolf is accused of being a heretic. There was one loose end that did not get tied up: what happen to the 13th century boy, who got sent to the twentieth century? Was he sent back in time? Did he decided to stay in the 20th century? I wish Beckman was still alive. She could have told us.Do not watch the movie of this book which came out about a year ago, it disgusting and does not do the book justice. less
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La cara infantil de las cruzadas...el sufrimiento sin explicación..
Should be translated in all languages; better than Harry Potter!
Amazing and breathtaking! :D
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