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Night's Honor (2014)

by Thea Harrison(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 5
Elder Races
review 1: si hay algo que me encanta de esta autora es el hecho que sus libros no parecen una copia del anterior este libro tiene un tono muy diferente a Kinked menos agresivo, pero dejando el tono aparte la historia se quedó corta, creo que la primera parte del libro se desaprovecho y fue demasiado lenta, la descripción de Xavier me pareció bella es un hombre diferente a los otros de la serie me encanto su forma de tratar a los demás casi como un señor feudal, hubiera querido más páginas sobre el. Tess no es una mala protagonista pero es un poco sosa igual se debería de haber profundizado más en ella. la historia es sumamente relajada casi no tiene escenas de acción y sirve más cómo una transición al líbro de Julián (no puedo esperar a leerlo) No es el mejor lib... morero de la serie pero no es malo quizá la segunda vez que lo lea lo pueda apreciar más.
review 2: OK, Here's how I felt about this book. It was overall a pretty dull installment, there just isn't much going on. While I liked Xavier & Tess I just felt that this book didn't add anything to the series. It could have been a great short story at max 150 pages but there just wasn't enough going on in this book to make it interesting enough for me. Plot in a nutshell is Tess a human on the run from a rouge Jinn. She takes shelter with the an ancient powerful vampire Xavier as one of his human attendants. Only Tess who needs protection from the scary Jinn is also scared of big bad vampires. So its going to take a while for poor Tess to warm up to her studly vampire protector. Though I don't get it in Tess's defense he is old and has been know to take revenge by killing! Anyway Tess must learn to trust Xavier so that he can truly protect her. There is also a small back story going on in that Xavier (who is the right hand to man to the Nightkind king Julien) must help resolve some conflicts and help fix trade between the light fae and Nightkind. It takes about 75% of the book for any action of any kind to happen and then its just one battle and a couple sex scenes and its back to boring. I didn't hate it I just wasn't enthralled with the boring beginning that Tess and Xavier had. I think I just expect more from this author, and was disappointed in the pace of this one.The best part of the whole book is in the first few chapters when Julien first meets Tess and he tells Xavier that he's got 99 problems but a finally a bitch aint one. I about died laughing. Though the funny stops there. Also by far Julien was one of the most interesting characters in this book and he's only in about 10% of it. I can't wait for his book! less
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This is definitely going down as one of my favorites in the series. I just LOVE Xavier and Tess.
Another great addition to this series. I finished this in a day!
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
3.5 - 3.75
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