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The Santa Shop (2000)

by Tim Greaton(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I really enjoyed this story. It's perhaps a little heavier than I would normally like for a Christmas read, but it is well written & is very emotive & thought provoking.Favourite quotes:"We bigger folk try our best to be brave and strong. But inside we're all just kids. Sometimes seeing the sparkle of an adult's eyes over the right toy is even better than seeing that of a child. Children are surrounded with the magic of life, but so many of us forget all about it as we get older.""It became obvious that the human body was not made for self-sacrifice. The body wants to live. It will fight you to live.""Life was a precious thing, not to be given up at the whim of a dream or in the heat of emotion."This story gives plenty of food for thought. Perhaps we should all consider th... moreose less fortunate than ourselves around Christmas (& any time of the year), & express our charitable sides more freely, rather than jumping to conclusions about people because of their appearance or apparent circumstances.
review 2: I really wanted to like this one, but Skip just wouldn't let me. He was so annoyingly depressing that I actually found myself hoping he would jump just so the book would end. I picked this novel, because it was categorized under thrillers on Kindle for reasons unknown to me. This book is no thriller. This book offers the reader no suspense. This book is a character driven novel about a main character who has to learn to forgive himself. Any attempts to make this more like a thriller (the Samaritans' conspiracy?) came off forced and unrealistic. Not to say this book doesn't have a lot of beautiful descriptions about what true sorrow does to the human heart; I simply read this book expecting something else. If you love a book played out almost entirely within the main character's mind, this book will be a masterpiece to you. Greaton does an excellent job fully fleshing out Skip's seemingly bottomless sorrow. If, however, you find yourself on Kindle and you see this under the thriller section, you'll do better by just moving on. less
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Touching and meaningful story of deliverance. Great for the Christmas season or anytime.
A parable showing that we can always hope for miracles regardless of our past.
it was a different read but it left me feeling blessed for what i have
I wish it was longer,and more detailed.
Hated it
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