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The Real Meal Revolution (2013)

by Tim Noakes(Favorite Author)
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0992206278 (ISBN13: 9780992206277)
Quivertree Publications
review 1: At the very least this book will challenge you on your assumptions on health, carbohydrates and fat. It proposes that a high fat low carb eating lifestyle is healthier than the high carb low fat lifestyle that has become commonplace since 1977. The supports these claims with easy to digest science in the beginning of the book and for those that want to delve further at the end of the book. The bulk of the book is composed of easy to follow recipes that makes it quite valuable in your kitchen as well.This book has been revolutionary for me personally since I have been trying the changed diet in that I have lost quite a bit of body fat in a short period of time with higher energy levels and a much improved sleeping habit as a result.Even though I found the book extremely val... moreuable, I gave the book 4 stars instead of 5 because I didn't like the print format of the book. While the recipes were fine, the rest of the book had rather unnecessary embellishments in the font and the layout was a bit strange that distracted me somewhat from the serious material that it is presenting.
review 2: This book links up very closely with the Wheat Belly which I had read some time ago and confirmed many issues that I have with the food that we eat today. Cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer, osteoporosis and a magnitude of other ailments are plaguing those around me, which urged me to investigate the causes. I also have issues with wheat, but never realized before what caused my discomfort. This book is fabulous and since I've started 'Banting' I am feeling much better. It's a worthwhile read for those who are concerned about life today and that which we put into our mouths. less
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What an excellent book describes everything in plain and simple understandable language
Goes against everything we have been taught our entire lives but makes sense.
This diet & book not only changed my life... It saved it from a slow death!
Interesting, but too much propaganda. (left out the recipes).
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