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A Fatal Verdict (2011)

by Tim Vicary(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 2
White Owl
The Trials of Sarah Newby
review 1: This is the second of the Sarah Newby books in the series and the second that I have read. I enjoyed this book, but it is definitely not a fast read. This is a good story for people who like mysteries and police novels. It is full of detail and the plot is well thought out and executed. The only "warning" I would give is for American readers (or non-native English speakers)- the book is set in England and uses British terms and vocabulary as well as being set within the British system of justice.
review 2: Fatal Verdict, set in York, England, kept me turning the page and the best part for me was the attention the author paid to editing. It is a modern tale of loss and revenge, from the point of view of the victim's family, police, and lawyers. The dialoug
... moree was real, although British. The characters came to life in the most intimate situations. Too many authors, especially with e-books seem to rush through and their wonderful story is peppered with simple grammar errors. Wonderful read because I wanted to grab the characters and shake them, explaining why they should make different decisions. The spelling and many words are British, but the story is unforgetable. less
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I loved this book! Well paced, believable characters. Will be happy to read more of Tim's books!
Very well written. Not the ending I had hoped for, but I guess it was to be expected.
Nice 'legal' thriller, good time-pass
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