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Spring Awakening (2013)

by T.J. Brown(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 3
1451699085 (ISBN13: 9781451699081)
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Summerset Abbey
review 1: I just finished book three of the amazing story of the Ladies of Summerset Abbey. It was a real emotional roller coaster ride. This book focused a lot on Rowena Buxton, and her search to find something to end the overwhelming grey in her life. She finds both love, and flying. Not all runs smooth though, since her alienation of her oldest friend, and dearest sister Prudence. Her life is caught up in the world wind of the war, and the need to find balance in her life, and her heart. It also revisits the lives of Prudence, and Victoria, and it all goes together very neatly. I cried, and laughed, got mad, and wished there were more chapters.It was such a great story, and all 3 books are very worth the read. It is a new writer for me, and one I will look for again. I also learn... moreed that while she wrote these amazing, and touching books, she fought throat cancer. That gives insight into the very highs, and lows that each character faced, and the hope that kept them going.
review 2: 3 and 1/2 stars. I am glad I read this series ( thanks Abish!) it is very light, and pretty predictable, but there is something about this time period and all they enduring which is captivating. The social classes shifting, woman's rights coming to light, technology, the war- all makes for a great background. I have to say almost all the characters had great closure too (Except one, a spinoff maybe?!) which I appreciated because I need to know! And, my favorite character in the end turned out to be Rowena (my least fav in the beginning!) because in the paraphrase of Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility, "She endeavored to deserve him" :) less
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OMG i was crying throughout this book! sadness and happiness all mixed together. Perfect ending!
Sad it's over--this series was very enjoyable.
A good trilogy with a few surprises. :)
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