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Fake Mustache (2012)

by Tom Angleberger(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 4
1419701940 (ISBN13: 9781419701948)
Amulet Books
review 1: After Lenny lends his best friend Casper ten dollars so that he can buy a fake mustache, the world is entirely tuned upside down: the mustache turns Casper into an evil-genius who is able to brainwash almost the entire country. Lenny and a teen television star named Jodie O'Rodeo manage to escape Casper's manipulation and try to stop him before its too late. I thought this book was pretty funny. Some of the story and humor was a little too outrageous for my taste, but I can see how older elementary aged children who like funny stories or wild and zany adventures would love this book.
review 2: **WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD** Hey did you ever wonder if a cowgirl princess ( and some nerdy kid ) could stop a criminal from sabotaging the president election? No? Wel
... morel than this is one unique book. It's also a very good realistic fiction book. Do you agree with my review? The setting is in a place called Hair-sprinkle the time is probably 2009 because there are flat screens. The plot is Casper the friend of the main character wanted to be president but Lenny ( and Jodie o Roadeo ) was not fooled so Casper makes Lenny look like the bad guy the Lenny has to disguise him self as a girl. The conflict is person v.s person because Lenny has to stop Casper from taking over the world. The Villain thinks he needs money to run for president. I agree with that but you don't really need money. Also the villain made fast food guys catch Lenny. Good idea but why not send the police. Really is he that dumb. Well the whole reason the mustache is controlling people because it was a Heidelberg handlebar number seven. It's made from the hair of criminal and ( somehow ) hipnotizes people. In the exposition Casper gets a fake mustache. In the rising action Lenny is forced to put a costume because the town is attacking him. In the climax it seems like Fako ( Casper ) is going to die but thanks to the sticky hand he doesn't. In the falling action nobody dies unless you count the mustache. In the resolution everything is fine and they live happily ever after. I agree with that but maybe the thing in side Casper's pocket was another fake mustache. Also the police are fooled. I agree with that but really Casper pretty much spelled it out for them. In conclusion the book is cool ( why I gave it 5 stars ) recommend this book for all you who like realistic fiction so go read it if you want or not I'm not forcing you peace out. Squids. less
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I thought is was a great book with the mysterious things that happen when you buy a fake mustache.
Madcap humor and lots of action. Plot reads like a very weird dream, but harmless escapist fun.
This kind of humor has never been my thing.
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