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Vindeltorn (2013)

by Tone Almhjell(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 3
8205458596 (ISBN13: 9788205458598)
Gyldendal Norsk Forlag
review 1: I read this as part of a read along for little book club.This book is a very sweet story with a lot of adventure to it. I love the Petling/human relationship a lot.The writing style is very graceful, and the world is spectacular. Lin stumbles upon a magical world because she has been summoned to help. This magical world is in danger, and only a twistrose can save the day. The story is fast paced, but sometimes it felt like it needed a little more detail. There are some spots where I feel their are plot holes in the story. However, it was still an enjoyable book.
review 2: I am in love with this book. Firstly, I wasn't very sure to read this book because the first page itself had a lot of bombastic words and I was just too tired to look up into the dictionary. B
... moreut as I took the chance to read it further, I've became more eager to read this book. The ending is very satisfying and I really like how each places are described though it was quite confusing to understand. Each characters are described fantastically and I have grown much fondness over Lin. Its like a cartoon in a book version. Though, I was expecting a little romance and got quite disappointed with the fact that there was no romance in it (I'm a romance maniac) or a little stir up but continuing to read this book gave me endless eagerness and I have been really enjoying the book. The author successfully made a villain character that I truly hate and I am quite impressed with that. I hope there's a second book for this. I want to see more of Syler and Lin and Rufus and I want to have a chance to meet Niklas.Plus, the way how Rufus treated Lin was somehow romantic and it made me wish that he was a human. This story is somehow like a cartoon in book version and I really like how the storyline is going. One point to Tone Almhjell. Check out at my blog for a better review from me. Here's the link.geniebooksandstories.blogspot.com less
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Beautiful! Go ahead and judge this book by its cover! Wonderful inside and out.
Ehhh, thought it could be better.
It was ok book.
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