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Determined Mate (2013)

by Toni Griffin(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 3
Mischief Corner Books, LLC
Holland Brothers
review 1: Jason just decided to visit his friend and change his life, when it's changed in ways he never forsaw or wanted. Now, broken and with no idea how to fix it, he goes to Brian anyway hoping theit long friendship will help him to heal.The last person he expected to meet is his mate. His very big and scary mate. It was an ok story, I kind of liked it, though it could have been better developed.
review 2: These books are terrible. the writing isn't bad but it needs a warning that this isn't about two men, but a man and a woman with a penis (not talking about transgender women either). The two feminine guys in this book make dinner for 'the boys' (what man ever calls other men 'the boys', like "i'm making the boys dinner" *vomit*) and clean up after them, even though
... more they have their own jobs. Jason, one of the fem guys, was afraid he couldn't go out with his boyfriend after dinner, because the dishes need to be done..... He just had dinner with 5 other men who live with him, and he thinks he needs to stay back to clean after them. I hate when authors write about feminine guys as if they are actually women. And the sex scenes are the same, the fem guy always bottoms, orally and anally. This has nothing to do with feminine vs masculine, but authors writing men as women, and an outdated 50's view of women too, in this case. I'm just done, I don't even know if I made sense in this review, but I'm so annoyed and don't even care. less
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Holy cow! What a great revised edition!!!!! (Yes five exclamation marks)
The writing is not good and its one clichè after another.
loved it! Hot and sexy! Can't get enough! ;)
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