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City Of Beads (2012)

by Tony Dunbar(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 2
Tubby Dubonnet
review 1: I have a couple more of the books in this series on my Kindle (thanks to BookBub.com); and I will try another after reading this one.I'm not crazed about the book, but it was definitely a good read. Nicely written, with several story lines going that somehow ended up wrapped up in a nice bundle by the end - and in a fairly reasonable manner too (not a "and then they woke up" or "then a miracle happened"). That takes a lot of skill.I had hoped for a little more in the way of New Orleans flavor, especially with the colorful characters; but in the end it was satisfying without being cartoonish.
review 2: Almost interesting book set in New Orleans. In fact, the most interesting thing about this book is the setting. After that it's pretty thin on substance witho
... moreut much to offer. It's a detective novel with vaguely colorful characters surrounding the main character, possibly in an effort to divert the reader from the fact that this storyline isn't very good. Perhaps it's a good book to read on an airplane when you need something light to occupy the time. I'll give it two stars simply because I actually finished it without giving up. less
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Great plot, endearing characters and a fantastic setting...I'll be reading more books by Mr. Dunbar!
Good story about an attorney named Tubby in New Orleans. Second in a series.
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