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Eye Of The Moonrat (2012)

by Trevor H. Cooley(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 5
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The Bowl of Souls
review 1: It was a pleasant surprise how quickly I was drawn into both the story of "Eye of the Moonrat" and the character of Justan. It had me hooked from the get go, with a rousing story of an underdog who is destined for great things.Trevor Cooley weaves a wonderful tale, filled with all the tropes that make up a good story. It has mystery and intrigue, swords and sorcery, with just a hint of romance. It's a recipe that will leave you hungry for more.I would recommend this story to any lover of fantasy. Although, as the first book, the sweep of the story is not yet epic in scope, you can practically feel the dark and sinister plot building in the background. There is more to this evil than meets the eye.If, after reading this book, you are like me in craving more, then read on! I... moret only gets better...
review 2: I picked this book on a whim. Now I am hooked. I can not believe what happens this character in a short amount of time. I read this book in one night and I was left for wanting more. It dragged me along with Justan and his adventures. I can not wait till the next book for I want to know what is going to happen next. There is currently four our of the five books out. There is also a side story one of the sub characters. I have read all of Mr. Cooley books so far. I am currently waiting impatiently for the what could be the last book. So if you like books with weird creatures, swordplay, and magic this is the book for you. Please note that is book would probably be considered a YA book, but I think people all ages can enjoy it. For my brother and mom also enjoy reading this book. What was also great is that the first book was only 0.99 on Kindle. Please check it out you will probably not regret it. less
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Not overly original but very enjoyable. It's one of the better stories I have read of late.
A little juvenile, but a good read nonetheless. Already picked up book 2 in the series.
Great book and series!! Can't wait for the next series from Trevor H. Cooley!!
Fantastic Book!Loved it...
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