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Corktown (2012)

by Ty Hutchinson(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 3
1480126756 (ISBN13: 9781480126756)
Gangkruptcy Press
Abby Kane FBI Thriller
review 1: nook book Corktown is a section of Detroit. This takes place in the nicer parts of town, and was written before Detroit went bankrupt. The main character is Abby Kane, an FBI agent called in to assist the investigation of murders. She is the widowed mother of a boy and girl, who is fortunate enough to have built in child care, so she can accept out of town assignments. She is also short in stature, which she uses to her advantage. We quickly learn a lot about the married pair of killers. The wife scouts persons for her husband--keeping him amused. He likes to slice and dice the victims. They also have two sons, who lucky are not into the family occupation. Count these characters among those that we are glad not to know. The fact that this is one of a series mea... morens that we know Abby survives.
review 2: Very interesting read. The main character was great. I liked that we didn't know everything about her past and what we did get came in very small pieces. And it sounds like she has a really interesting past that we may get more of in future books. Great writing style - easy to read. My only criticism would be that once the killer was found I felt like it took too long to tell the rest of the story. I guess I like my mysteries to be solved and then finish up quickly - who knew? less
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first time reading this author. It was really good and a quick moving story.
Too long! Not my kind of read.
great start to a series
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