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Manology: Secrets Of Your Man's Mind Revealed (2013)

by Tyrese Gibson(Favorite Author)
3.52 of 5 Votes: 4
1451681844 (ISBN13: 9781451681840)
review 1: Hello: I first heard about this book after reading Tyrese's first mediocre book as he mentioned it in the acknowledgments section. I thought "that will be good Rev Run is a great man with an amazingly intelligent and relatable outlook that should be able to bring some insight to Tyrese's immature, elementary and oftentimes ridiculous points." And it was not! I was correct. The idea of Manology was great. Two men, different viewpoints on relationships and maybe some common ground here and there. This book was horrible and that can be solely attributed to Tyrese. His music is good and the ensemble cast films are okay at best; however, writing books and giving out the "secrets of your man's mind" is just not a good idea. All the secrets he revealed seemed to be about him a... morend how clingy, disrespectful, selfish and petty he really is. Did they even have a copy editor for this book?!?! I spent more time marking grammar mistakes and misspellings in Tyrese's section than actually seeing a new perspective on anything. Tyrese seemed to be the frontrunner of this book as he was given more subsections in each chapter and with every turn of the page that bore his font I shuttered. Rev Run as usual offered classic insight and used the Bible as his reference for relationship and life advice, which was expected...he is a reverend. The two often disagreed and the book read almost like a journal: Rev Run taught me this as my MAN-tor, I taught Tyrese this as his MAN-tor, Tyrese is still learning this from his MAN-tor. Tyrese said nothing using a lot of pages, while Rev Run said much using less than half of each shared chapter. The old adage "less is more" definitely rings true here. I'm sure Rev Run could've offered a wealth of knowledge and insight had he written Manology by himself. That way Tyrese could've picked up a copy of the book and read it with the rest of the world as he had nothing of substance to add at all. Sadly, they are writing a Manology part 2 as revealed by Tyrese in his unnecessarily long winded acknowledgments section. If Rev Run is reading this by chance I'd like to say, "I know you are trying to encourage Tyrese and be a role model for him but please write a relationship book on your own or possibly with Justine, your wife. I'm sure you are aware that many people bought this book because they saw your name and wanted to support. My advice to you is before you venture into the advice giving realm with Tyrese a second time, finish MAN-toring him because he is still a little boy." **MAN-tor is a termed used in the book.
review 2: There's a lot hype surrounding this book and justifiably so. While reading this book, I felt like I was receiving advice on how men think and behave from a male friend or brother (They did mention that they could not speak for all men, by the way). I would definitely recommend this book to both single and married women alike, because it teaches single women how to avoid the "MAN-ipulators" and married women how to keep the excitement in their relationship. less
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It was an interesting read. not sure what new information I gleaned from the pages.
Tyrese is a insecure, egotistical slob. Rev Runs gives very good advice.
Could finish it.
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