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Like No Other (2014)

by Una LaMarche(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 3
1595146741 (ISBN13: 9781595146748)
review 1: Very interesting twist on Romeo and Juliet -- with two teens crossing cultural lines to be together. A nice glimpse into the life of a Hassidic girl -- and also a positive portrayal of a black boy in New York City. The romance is very tame -- but the feelings are sometimes intense -- and there is one scene with the word breast in it. So -- okay for anyone sixth grade on up -- but be sure they are okay with romance.
review 2: It's like Romeo and Juliet, with a good ending, which makes more sense to me, actually, in this context (21st century New York City, two very different ethnic groups), than the original Romeo and Juliet would if transplanted here. After all, the only thing the Montagues and Capulets had against each other was a blood feud; they were bas
... moreically the same culture and atmosphere, with similar values and customs. The two in this book, _Like No Other_, are so different that in order to be together peacefully they would have to leave the milieu they're in, completely. It's not the fault of these individuals, but it's built into the cultures they come from. less
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Devorah is a devout Hasidic teen. When she meets Jaxon, she questions her upbringing.
Loved the characters, totally swept away in the story. An excellent read.
A fascinating and poignant story of star crossed lovers and empowerment.
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