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The Why Axis: Hidden Motives And The Undiscovered Economics Of Everyday Life (2013)

by Uri Gneezy(Favorite Author)
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1443407607 (ISBN13: 9781443407601)
review 1: The Why Axis is a pretty good book about doing real life experiments in important areas of real life to know what really is most effective for getting desired results. The work the author and his colleagues have done is impressive, ranging among improving school performance, keeping students from being shot in a violence-filled inner city, overcoming economic discrimination, maximizing donations to non-profits and increasing sales by determining the price at which the most products would be purchased. The author has worked with the mayor of Chicago, the superintendent of a school district, Intuit, and Disney, among others. It used to be thought that it was impossible to do scientific tests with controls in the real world, and economists were limited to working with theory.... more Now Uri Gneezy and John List are trying to change economics from the dismal science to a dynamic and rigorously useful one. They give plenty of instructions for using their ideas
review 2: Not really groundbreaking - there have been lots of books on behavioral economics in the last few years. This one is a bit lightweight - anecdotes and some verbal descriptions of their experiments, very little in the way of numbers and not a chart or graph in sight. One element they bring in that I haven't seen in other books is experiments they did to see what kind of appeals bring in the most money for charities - that was interesting. less
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just a list of experiments that were done, most of which were not that interesting or influential.
gets repetitive after you have ready a few chapters.
Uri conducts real-world experiments for this book
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