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Los Hijos De LA Bruja (Spanish Edition) (2003)

by Ursula Jones(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 1
9706908218 (ISBN13: 9789706908216)
Planeta Pub Corp
review 1: The witch’s three children go out into the park and along their journey they come across Gemma who’s boat is sinking after the wind had blown it away. The child witch’s decide to try out there magic and magically turn Gemma into a frog. They tell her to swim and save her boat. Gemma returns after saving her boat and demands to be turned back into herself, but the witch’s don't know how to. They change the ice cream lady into a princess, and some other creatures into other magical things. The princess then kisses the frog which in turn changes into a prince. Witch’s still unable to turn her back and so the youngest witch does what he knows best and calls his mum. Mummy witch comes and turns everyone back carrying her children back home on her broomstick in time fo... morer tea.I like the end of this story to which the children witch’s only way of rectifying the situation is by calling mummy. It reflects on life for children as we expect whenever anything goes wrong call your parents.I would recommend this book for age 5-8I think this book would be great for children to read in there own time or even in a group. It is a great story to encourage using your imagination. I love the concept adding the story of princess and the frog.
review 2: I wasn't sure whether to give this book 4 or 5 stars, but the more I think about it the more I like it. The formula is awesome, the illustrations are fun, and the mayhem is silly and unique. I'll admit I like that a little girl turns into a prince because I enjoy books that are laissez-faire about gender, but what I like more is that the ice cream lady does not for a moment feel happy that she's been turned into a princess. Anything to counteract the assumption that all girls want to be princesses will get you five stars from me. I loved the problem-solving failures, I loved the fabulous witch, and I loved the perfectly structured plot. A solid win. I might actually buy it.For storytime, it's a good one to start with because it's a bit long and the kids get distracted if they've already sat through a long one. But one kid wanted to read it again with her dad right after storytime, which is always a good sign. less
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I didn't think this was anything special. Pics kind of cute, but not much to the story.
Unusual art, amusing story. We laughed. Plenty of fun.
Julia said "I love this book!"
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