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Our Kind Of People: A Continent's Challenge, A Country's Hope (2012)

by Uzodinma Iweala(Favorite Author)
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0061284904 (ISBN13: 9780061284908)
review 1: Uzodinma Iwela wrote Beasts of No Nation a few years ago about child soldiers in West Africa, now he tackles AIDS. Iwela is both a resident of the United States and Nigeria where he was born. He received his Bachelor's at Harvard and an MD at Columbia. What he chose to do was write and hasxwon awards for both fiction and nonfiction. In Our Kind of People, Iweala travels Nigeria to talk about AIDS with people in all areas, urban and rural. He talks with men who practice polygamy and AIDS was introduced by a wife who had been widowed before. How sex workers fit into the mix and average men and women who have sex though it it rarely discussed. Many people got HIV or died mysteriously. Like Rock Hudson was a revelation when he died in the US, the entertainer Fela becam... moree the famous AIDS victim in Nigeria. His brother, a doctor, could never get Fela to believe he had AIDS and get treatment. The brother spoke out after his death and more Nigerians sought treatment and are surviving. The poverty of Nigeria makes it difficult to access condoms, especially ones that work, and drugs to keep people alive. A campaign for human rights brought more treatment and drugs in. What I enjoyed of this book was the simple kind voice of the author, his ways of allowing Nigerians to tell their story and a simple way to fill in gaps without losing the people's voice. A simply written book that made me feel close to the people of Nigeria.
review 2: This is a troubling book....but a necessary read......I find this book very engrossing....I read many years ago "As the Band Played on"......by Randy Shiltz..I also have read other books on HIV-AIDS......it's complexities...the stigmas......the going back and forth of the disease causes and treatments and costs.....but this book is an exceptional in its scope....breadth..insight ..shockingness honesty.......I recommend it to be read by any health care provider......nurse...docters....nursing assistants...lab and xray techs....it is a good book..... less
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This book was OK but I didn't feel it really added anything new to the AIDS-in-Africa discussion.
One of the best books (if not the best) I've ever read about the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa.
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