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The Guilt Project: Rape, Morality And Law (2010)

by Vanessa Place(Favorite Author)
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1590512642 (ISBN13: 9781590512647)
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review 1: in america, there are many different levels of murder. 1st degree, 2nd degree, manslaughter, etc. but with rape, there is just rape - our sexual assault laws have evolved only in that they have become more draconian, less fluid and more likely to end in hundred-year or even thousand-year sentences. in "the guilt project: rape, morality and law," vanessa place asks important questions about our current rape laws, which have placed even greater responsibility on men to read a woman's mind and less responsibility on women to be in charge of the situations they place themselves in. we've also seen laws become so stringent that now a 17-year-old boy who has sex with his 14-year-old girlfriend can be charged with child molestation and placed on the sex-offender registry for LIFE... more, effectively ruining his life. *in most states, the minute a woman becomes intoxicated, even if she says "yes," the law determines that she doesn't have the capacity to say yes, and having sex with her is considered a crime. but if a man is intoxicated, he is still expected to be in control of himself and of her. as women, how does this treat us equally?*should a 21-year-old be forced to spend his life on the sex-offender registry for having consensual sex with his 17-year-old girlfriend, even if he clearly poses no threat to anyone?*is there a difference between a man grabbing a woman off the street and raping her and a man who doesn't stop when a woman that he's on a date with says no in the middle of sex she had already consented to? no is certainly no, but is this not a different degree of rape? is the woman in no way accountable?by putting all of the onus on the man, are we teaching our girls that they have no responsibility for their own actions, for their own safety? that they can go as far as they want and stop whenever they want, knowing that no matter what, the man can be blamed? does the pimp/ho culture in movies and music videos teach our boys and girls that this is the way to have a relationship - that women are chattel, or that women can use their bodies as currency? place poses these questions and many more, offering clear analysis on the most pressing parts of our rape laws and of our culture. her writing is like poetry, and you will be transfixed at what she has to say. a must read for a parent of a son or daughter, anyone concerned with morality and law, or anyone with an interest in our society and human rights. fantastic.
review 2: “A California appellate attorney looks at crime and punishment under our sex laws… Place expands the notion of guilt, examining its other dimensions—factual, ethical, moral—and asks whether we’ve allowed dubious science, conflicting cultural messages and out-of-control political passions to distort our sex laws...Place detects something desperate in all this, and in richly allusive, frequently witty prose, she asks important questions about what it is exactly we want from our criminal laws. A sophisticated, brave look at a topic that too often provokes merely panic, prejudice and posturing.”—Kirkus Reviews less
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My perceptions were a bit skewed about the law... I enjoyed it.
But interesting, if you're interested.
Vanessa Place's Lyrical "I"
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