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From Fame To Shame (2012)

by Veronica Blade(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Reviewed by: AngieBook provided by: PublisherReview originally posted at Romancing the BookThis book made me an instant fan of this author. While it may sound like your typical twin-switch book, it’s really not. In fact, the ending was my favorite part of the entire story because it was NOT what I expected.I wasn’t overly fond of Jackie. She seemed like a very spoiled brat who always gets her way, while Maddie, her twin, seemed perfectly comfortable with her life in suburban California away from the limelight her sister both craves and hates. I wanted to know more about the girls. How did Jackie get into acting? How did her parents feel when she left home at 16 to pursue her career? Did Maddie feel abandoned? How did Jackie meet Stella? And how the heck did no one in ... moreJackie’s life realize that she had a twin sister?!While Jackie seemed to only just need a break from acting, Maddie grew the more time she spent with Dallas. I especially loved the scene where she took pictures of him. Dallas was very likable, though a bit clueless, and a lot nicer than the other stars that Maddie met as she pretended to be her famous sister. Even if she was scared, Maddie made it through like a champ and never let anyone see her scared out of her mind. I half-wondered at times if there would be a slip and the whole world would know what the girls did, mainly because of the title, but thankfully that didn’t happen.I do hope that this turns into a series that answers all of the questions I asked above. I read this story in less than two hours and hated for it to end…I wanted to know MORE! I am an instant fan of Ms. Blade’s and can’t wait to read her other books.
review 2: Thank you to Goodreads and Veronica Blade for a free copy of this book!~~~~I wanted to like this book, I really did. I loved the premise of it, and was really hoping that there was an original twist waiting inside. But, there wasn't. The entire story was extremely predictable. While I enjoyed Maddie's dilemmas with Dallas, I kept hoping for a plot twist that never came. If you're looking for a quick, light read between longer and heavier books, this is for you. less
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it was a good heart warming read and I want to continue reading from Veronica.
My review will be posted at romancing-the-book.com shortly.
Just not my cuppa, though well written.
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