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Into The Still Blue (2014)

by Veronica Rossi(Favorite Author)
4.22 of 5 Votes: 4
0062072099 (ISBN13: 9780062072092)
Under the Never Sky
review 1: Even after finishing the series, I still don't believe in the romance between Perry and Aria. Lets be honest here, the author cheated her way out of writing the romance build up and instead just made it happen. Instead of creating chemistry, all she had to do was say that they felt a certain way and expressed their love instead of proving it. I know this is a rant that had little to do with the plot, but my previous statement still stands: Roar and Aria should have been together.I felt like this book actually had second book syndrome. It was lengthy without a lot of action to fill it in. Also, some radical convenient plot holes. Seriously considering becoming a young adult author. Apparently, anything can get published no matter how flawed it is.
review 2: THIS
... more REVIEW CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS BECAUSE OF FEELSI can’t believe I’m done with this trilogy :-( I’ve put off reading the last book in the series for quite a long time, simply because I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Aria, Perry and especially Roar. But now I have, and I feel we left things on good terms. I was very scared about certain characters dying (*cough* Roar *cough* and Marron) but thank the stars my worries were deemed unnecessary. Really: I could not have handled Roar’s death much better than he did Liv’s. The writing is perfect (well, obviously, it’s a Veronica Rossi-book) and the story moves along at a nice pace, but I did feel it took awfully long for them to actually reach the Still Blue this book is named after. I only had about 100 pages left when I was getting kind of worried: how can Rossi possibly wrap all this up with so little pages left to go? But she did, and anyhow, I enjoyed every page leading up to the grand finale of arriving into the Still Blue. Mmmmaybe Sable’s death could have been a little more dramatic and I would have liked a bit more closure on Cinder’s obliteration (maybe a shred of evidence that he was, indeed, very very dead and gone?) but apart from that, most loose ends got tied up neatly. I liked how the developing romance between Brooke and Soren got a cute little confirmation in the final chapter. Oh, and Loran! I LOVED LORAN! Loran was the image of fatherly perfection imho. Okay, so, top three favorite characters in the Under the never sky Trilogy:1. Roar2. Loran3. MarronThe end – the actual last sentence - will definitely stay with me forever, not because it was that epic or even emotional, but because it ended with Roar and Aria’s friendship rather than a mushy love scene between Aria and Perry. This was, in my opinion, a great decision on Rossi’s part. I feel like the Under the Never sky-books are as much a story about their friendship as her love for Perry. less
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Wow! I'm not just buying this series for my library, I'm buying a set for myself!
"[Fear]...sparks violence much faster than anger."
no words...
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