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The Transfer (2013)

by Veronica Roth(Favorite Author)
4.37 of 5 Votes: 6
0062285637 (ISBN13: 9780062285638)
Katherine Tegen Books
review 1: I'm glad I read this. Since I finished Divergent in March I was never really into starting Insurgent (although I will... any year now). I was never really a fan of the ending, it was good but it did take a lot of energy from me. And I was not really a fan of Four. I felt like he had no personality other than being bitter, mysterious and apparently good looking. Well, after reading this novella, I want to know more about Four and I really feel like starting Insurgent soon.
review 2: I can easily imagine how Roth initially wanted to create the divergent story from the perspective of Tobias/four. His journey towards personal liberation has so much depth to it. This short story also has a lot of nice linguistic details, that makes you sympathize with the character.
... more It does work well as an extra insight into four and his background. motives and general traits such as the personal wall he has created, but it is not strong enough to stand alone as a piece of literature outside of the series, but it is a nice treat to accompany the books about Tris Prior. less
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This is a more detailed that actually enhances the version of the story told to Tris in "Divergent".
My review is in the FOUR collection, so you can see what I thought about it there instead.
Conta detalhes da história de Quatro ... não interfere na história principal.
I love getting an inside peek at Four's beginnings.
A really great look into who the person Tobias was.
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