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Štyri – Zbierka Poviedok K Megaúspešnej Sérii (2000)

by Veronica Roth(Favorite Author)
4.24 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: This is a very quick read. I enjoyed hearing from Four's point of view, probably more than I like hearing from Tris. I found this to be true in Allegiant, as well. The author says in a prologue that she originally started the series writing from Four's POV, but that it didn't feel right to her. This side of the story, though, could have been very important to the plot if first person "diary-like" books weren't the current rage.
review 2: I put off reading this book for months. Months! Anyone who has read Allegiant will know why. Dude. The feels.Most of this stand alone novel from the Divergent series is set pre-Divergent, pre Tobias meeting Tris. Written from Tobais’ perspective, the first three parts of the book (titled The Transfer, The Initiate and The Son
... more), follow Tobias’ transformation from being the son of Abnegation’s leader to Four, a top ranking Dauntless member and contention for leadership. It follows through Eric’s struggle to the top of the leadership ladder, Dauntless’ involvement with Erudite and Four making friends with initiates and transfers from those who chose Dauntless on his choosing day.

The quarter of the book, titled The Traitor, is when Tris comes into the story. Already knowing Tris’ story, I found it quite good to be able to read the same thing from another perspective. I read somewhere that Divergent was originally written from Tobias’ point of view, but the story came to an end, which is a shame. I think the passion and intensity you can feel while reading from Tris’ point of view is similar to what you feel when reading Four.My favourite part of this book is the last of it, with scenes of Divergent’s movie adaptation written out from Tobias’ point of view. Exactly how it is in the movie, almost word for word. The entire book gives you another vantage point whilst reading Insurgent and Allegiant. I think I enjoyed Four more than I did Allegiant in regards to the story being written from Tobias’ perspective, and I think that’s because in Allegiant, both perspectives felt the same, so when you’re reading, you can’t really differentiate between the two stories.Still, a really great addition to the Divergent series. I plan on re-reading Insurgent before the movie is released in March of 2015.Also, while we're on topic, has anyone actually recovered from the ending of Allegiant? Because I'm not even close. less
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It was cool to read this story from a different character's perspective. A very quick read but fun!
Divergent story vignettes retold, but from Tobias's perspective.
Interesting insight into an important "Divergent" characters.
Touching in so many ways.
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