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Cuatro Cuenta Su Historia (2012)

by Veronica Roth(Favorite Author)
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review 1: The problem with first-person narratives is that you never really know with certainty how other people really view the hero or heroine, that's why this was so great to read! I'm about half way through Divergent so I still had this scene quite clearly in mind, and I had just been wondering, when Four starts liking Tris - why he noticed her - how he sees her. Especially because people seem to have misjudged her in the beginning, as someone who needs protection, it was interesting to see that he is aware of her strength more or less from the beginning. I also appreciated how this small fragment made Four's character stand out more clearly, giving a more nuanced picture - of course I had already realised that he isn't the typical Dauntless, but his careful assessment of the si... moretuation proved this once more. Getting this insight into his thoughts and feelings was really intriguing!
review 2: Maybe I've been having an indecisive string of book reviews lately, but I wavered between giving this chapter rewrite a 2 or 3. I liked it for the insight it gives into Four's character and backstory, but I thought it was a bit too introspective to match the general style of the books and read with a bit too much teen drama for my taste. I do like Four, but agree with some other reviewers in that this retelling of chapter 13 seemed a bit extraneous with a largely "tell all" feel. less
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Great read to Four's view, but wishing there was more.
Lindo demais...
I love four
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