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Free Four - Tobias Tells The Divergent Story (2013)

by Veronica Roth(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 9
Harper Collins Children's Books
review 1: As someone who has been deeply analysing all 13 chapters of Divergent so far, this chapter (from Tris's POV) has been the least painful to me. And then I read this.THIS IS SHIT! Let's get something clear, ok: I hate Four! He's an obnoxious jackass. But at least, when I was reading Tris's POV, I could delude myself that he was doing it on purpose, so he can protect the initiates. This however, proves that he is not. He is just an idiot. Wait, no, scratch that - he is not JUST an idiot. He is elitist, misogynistic idiot. And a hypocrite. And an idiot. I know, I'm repeating myself, but I thought I should really drive this point home. There's literally no reason why he couldn't take that leadership position. Even the "the plot demands it" is not a good enough excuse. Not to m... moreention, this doesn't even fit with the freaking canon! He threw three knives in the original book. Here he only describes throwing two. This really shitty, even for Roth!
review 2: For those that have already read Divergent, and are familiar with the specific scene, it's an interesting short read from the perspective of a different character (pretty obvious ... it's Four). Roth opted for the knife-throwing scene from Divergent to expose another side to Four's character as well as expand a bit on his crush for the primary character Beatrice "Tris" Prior. I loved getting more insight into Four's character, and almost wish that his perspective could emerge in Divergent as an alternative to Tris' perspective. Well done, Roth. A great way to deepen reader's appreciation for a character. less
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I loved seeing inside Four and this scene was even better told through him!
It's such a small book, do I really count it as one in my read-list?
todo lo que tiene que ver con four me gusta :D
omg its so different in his eyes
Great look into Tobias's mind
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