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Quatro Medos: Tobias Conta A Cena Do Arremesso De Faca De Divergente (2014)

by Veronica Roth(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 1
Rocco Digital
review 1: Ok now this book, I must admit, was great.Great short story from Four's point of view.It's really nice to be able to understand what was happening in Four's head during that scene. It makes things a lot clearer to have both sides of the story. That way I find it easier to understand and relate to the reactions of both characters.I really recommend it to everyone who read Divergent.
review 2: This might be the best short story I have ever read in a series. I'm amazed, seeing the same story, with a refreshing new perspective told by Four. The man who is internally abnegation and outwardly dauntless. He sounds so sweet narrating the knife-throwing scene. And I died over "I have to admit that Christina is good—though I don’t like giving credit to Candor smart -
... more mouths—and so is Peter—though I don’t like giving credit to future psychopaths." I would give that sentence 10 stars out of five, Hahahaha. I loved it, so bring on the FOUR-NESS! :) less
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La scène du couteau du point de vue de Quatre. A lire absolument si vous êtes fan!
I loved Tobias before this and I after reading this I love him more.
so short
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