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One Sexy Ride (2014)

by Vivian Arend(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 5
Vivian Arend
Thompson & Sons
review 1: I really enjoyed the characters in this book. Janey was a social type that was working to make her handyman business a success. Len was the strong silent type who was very sweet - not at all a "bad boy". Janey was used to hitting on Len, only to have him turn her down. The only thing that didn't ring true for me was the reason that Len decided to go ahead with the relationship. Well, it made sense, but the way the reasons were described didn't mesh with what I thought the reasons should have been. And now I'm making no sense, so I'll just say that I liked it and I'll read more in this series.
review 2: I loved this book and I loved Janey, "s***." Janey sighed, jerking her shirt over her head. "So. You got to take care of me while I was high, and I basical
... morely offered myself to you. Again." Sometimes Len just has to show Janey what her mind isn't getting, "he grabbed her hand and pressed it against the raging erection attempting to escape from his jeans. "Does that feel like I'm not attracted to you?" Len he's honest (well in some subjects others the boy just closes himself off,) "you were driving me nuts," Len confessed. "Every time you rubbed against me, I got harder. I swear my c*** is ready to explode." What I loved most about Len was the fast he wants to anything and everything to make his girl happy, "his big hands rested on her hips, and he shifted her gently against him. "If it makes you happy, I'll paint everything in the house red." I think I'll like this series. less
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A wonderful story, I can't wait to read the brothers get their comeuppance in their stories.
4.5 sexy stars... full review to come soon
Len & Janey, house renovations.
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