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The Return Man (2012)

by V.M. Zito(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 3
0316218286 (ISBN13: 9780316218283)
review 1: Yet another zombie novel, in which the United States has been afflicted with a plague of the undead. Everything west of the Mississippi has been cordoned off and abandoned to the zombies. Henry Marco has stayed behind, working as a contract killer who "kills" zombies so that they can have their final peace. He is given the task of making his way from his home in Arizona to a prison in California where a vaccine against the zombie disease can be found."The Return Man" is structured like a video game. Marco is attacked by a bunch of zombies, fights them off, and moves on to the next level, so to speak. He finally gets to the prison, which is like the villainous home base in video game terms. Each episode in this journey is pretty much the same, an orgy of extended and detail... moreed violence, to the point where I would call it violence porn. It gets to be tedious pretty quick. Still I suppose that there are readers who like this sort of thing, but I'm not one of them.
review 2: I gave up on the book about 36% of the way through. It was mediocre in craft, story and delivery, and I decided not to spend time reading anymore. The premise was a unique enough wrinkle on the zombie genre, but it just didn't work for me. In case you're curious, the trip that Marco and Wu take out to California killed it for me. No offense to the author, it just needed more polish and thought (IMO). less
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churned through this in 2 days on the sick couch; what a read. there's a new star in zombie fiction.
Very easy to read (a day), some humour and a different take on the zombie apocalypse
Not a bad book, but quite gory with endless fight scenes.
Very good book. Very exciting and very well written.
War richtig richtig spannend. Was will man mehr
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