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The War Of The Roses - The Children (2013)

by Warren Adler(Favorite Author)
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1590061128 (ISBN13: 9781590061121)
Stonehouse Press
The War of the Roses
review 1: Are we destined to continue the cycle of destruction we grew up with?Josh and Evie are adults that were raised to be the definition of the dysfunctional family. Their parents’ divorce fight for possessions and unimportant pieces of their life destroyed everything in its path. Evie found her love and comfort in the magic of food with every dish she makes a reinforcement of her inability to allow anyone but Josh into her world. Evie has a passion but this desire to find fulfillment in food does not help her waistline. Josh conquered so many demons and found himself married with two beautiful children and a chance to show that your childhood does not define you. However, right now in a determination to prove DNA over rules good sense he is trying very hard to throw it ... moreall away on a torrid affair. Even though Josh wants to break it off and stay with his wife, nothing is as simple as it should be especially when dealing with a manipulative female.The one-step backward that Josh cannot recover from is a divorce when discoveries are made and hurt feelings become single-minded objective. While everyone is screaming, determined to hurt the other more, and money becomes power the two people, again, that are forgotten are the children. What they need is discarded, what is right ignored, and proving who loves you more obsessive. Should they stay together for the children and not be selfish and inconsiderate people, the answer is yes but the fact may be no.Warren Adler concisely writes about the raw side of marital reality. How much damage two people can cause with a thoughtless act is limitless
review 2: I won this book through First Reads giveaways.I found the original War of the Roses to be a darkly entertaining read, so I looked forward to enjoying the sequel. I remembered Adler having a writing style I would group with Tom Perrotta or Nick Hornby; light, entertaining, the literary equivalent of watching the latest "fluff" Hollywood blockbuster. Unfortunately I found the story unengaging, sad, and not particularly well-written. I set this one aside after a few chapters, as I'm following a strict policy not to continue reading mediocre books when there are so many great ones out there waiting. less
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This was a Goodreads First-read. I liked the book, but it was sad - not dark, just sad.
good follow up the The War of the Roses - Enjoyed finding out abouth the children
Awesome sequel
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