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Flu (2010)

by Wayne Simmons(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 2
1906727198 (ISBN13: 9781906727192)
Snowbooks Ltd
review 1: I don't think that it was that this was necessarily a bad book that earned it a one star rating for me. No, it wasn't bad but it the writing was sub-par, something I think I could have easily moved past accept that the book was obviously written by/for people into the whole macho ex military survivalist bullshit, which I am not. If that's your think you might really like this book. The other thing that made it a pain to finish was that there was absolutely nothing here other than it's setting that made it stand out amongst the growing over saturated market of zombie lit. It was just... unoriginal. And there were a lot of parts early on that seemed incredibly similar to Romero movies making the book feel even more un-original.
review 2: Being a fan of zombi
... moree horror novels, and someone who would consider themselves a connoisseur of the genre, I have to say "FLU" leaves a lot to be desired with stereotypical characters, a disjointed story line, and out of the norm (but not necessarily surprisingly) out bursts that try to make the characters seem "relatable". Worth reading only if you're into light zombie fiction, and not necessarily a true fan of the genre. This is a story which never truly delves into them essence of desperation of post-apocalyptic life and leaves the reader wishing they had hungered for something different. less
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Great characters and well-paced story which links the various people together cleverly.
3.5 starsDamn cliffhanger!
weak finish
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