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The Thoughts And Happenings Of Wilfred Price Purveyor Of Superior Funerals (2014)

by Wendy Jones(Favorite Author)
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1609451856 (ISBN13: 9781609451851)
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review 1: Wilfred is a young, naive undertaker in a small town in Wales in 1924. Smitten by a pretty young woman in a yellow dress at a spring picnic, he impulsively proposes to her -- and instantly regrets it. She has told her parents, however, and her father insists he marry her when it develops that Grace is pregnant. That heavy secret is a significant turning point in the plot, but it is Wilfred's love for another woman that demonstrates his evolving maturity.
review 2: I was drawn to the title of this book, and it didn't disappoint. A debut novel by Wendy Jones, it tells the story of an impromptu wedding proposal from apprentice undertaker Wilfred Price. Set in rural Wales in the 1920's, it speaks to social norms of the times, and being true to oneself. An ending
... more that left me saddened, for a time in history that ostracizes those that are different. Wonderful intersession in my reading list. less
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Bittersweet historical fiction in a fresh way. Recommended for fans of Major Pettigrew's Last Stand.
I could not get into this book so I have stopped reading it. I will try another day with it.
This is a well told story, filled with kindness and redemption. I loved it.
I think bemusing is the word that most suits this book. Entertaining read.
Harold fry lovers would like this.
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