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Hitchers (2012)

by Will McIntosh(Favorite Author)
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1597803359 (ISBN13: 9781597803359)
Night Shade Books
review 1: Not what I expected. I discovered Will McIntosh by hearing two of his excellent science fiction short stories on the "Starship Sofa podcast. I read his first novel, "Soft Apocalypse," and liked it, though not quite as much. This, his second novel, is literally a switch, about dead spirits called "hitchers" gradually taking over the bodies of the living. Subject-wise, it reminded me of Peter F. Hamilton's "The Reality Dysfunction" and Richard Matheson's "What Dreams May Come." It's much lighter, less ambitious, and less engaging than either of them, however. As I'm name dropping, it's more like a Stephen King novel, complete with 70's rock references. It's not bad. The narrator's struggle to maintain control of his body is interesting. The vision of the afterlife is intrigu... moreing. But I'm left thinking this could have been more.
review 2: First of all i want to say that i picked this book up at Barnes and Noble just because of the cover, despite the saying never to judge a book by it's cover. Now I felt that this book had a really great story, and for some people it was a five star performance. For me though, i remember reading this book and not being overly impressed. I felt that the entire story line was very unoriginal, a dramatic comedy about a man who lost his wife in a freak accident is looking for love again, but as soon as he finds it he is put into a life threatening situation, and barley makes it out alive to start going on regular dates with his new found love, with the book ending on the foreshadow of marriage and new found happiness. My second reason, the reason that keeps me from just giving this book one star is that even though McIntosh used a tepid and overused story line he was effectively able to add his own flare of mass death type of events bordering on the question of what happens after death. less
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A bit bizarre...not really sure what to make of it...
Great Book. Interesting story and characters.
Interesting idea, kind of tedious
Light read, but interesting.
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