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Wie Die Welt Endet (2011)

by Will McIntosh(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Not exceptionally readable, but has few interesting ideas.What is totally unclear is why the sociology majors in the "new society" are less employable than the accountants. In terms of banging keys on a laptop, they are equally qualified, as well as for counting the so-to-believe-money. Frankly, the idea of using tree leaves for currency from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" is less ridiculous than that.The "new rich" (or rather "still rich") middle-class would be those who can make things happen: farmers, black-smiths, electronic technicians, medical doctors, or cobblers. Plus, perhaps, people in the military and law enforcement. Plus the servants and the security guards of the upper-class, which will be very few.Finally, one major cliche of many post-apocalypti... morec books: the move. Why all the people have to hit the road all the time? No, the migration in calamity times happened (let say, during the Great Depression): from North to South, to avoid harsh winters, from mega-cities to the country-side, for food, and so on. Was it on a massive scale? Not quite. If you, and your neighbor, and all the neighbors down the road in your middle-class (accountants+sociology majors) neighborhood simultaneously get evicted from the plywood and plasterboard "mansions", do you hit the road? Hardly. The evicting bank will go bust earlier than that.On the other hand, it is refreshing that the author does not connect the society collapse with zombies or nuclear fall-out. These are cliches stronger than hitting the riad once in a while.
review 2: Short and grim, describes a world descending slowly into chaos. Not a dramatic flames and explosions apocalypse, but a rather too realistic descent into worse and worse conditions as cities and countries deteriorate into anarchy and chaos once the world's resources start to run out. The characters are old enough to remember the world we know, but now have to adjust to the reality that life will never be as easy again. The novel follows Jasper and a group of his acquaintances/friends as they struggle to survive in Savannah Georgia and then make their way to Athens, trying to figure out both how the world is changing and what it means to who they are and what they value. The book is believable, somewhat depressing, and a little slow at the start but picks up about half way through and has a good ending. less
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I enjoyed this book very much and recommend it for a change from 'hard' apocalyptic books.
Great story about a tribe of new world gypsies in a post apocalyptic world
Mal ecrit et intrigue trop diffuse voire inexistante.
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