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Mind Over Magic (2009)

by William Rabkin(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 1
0451227441 (ISBN13: 9780451227447)
review 1: I thought it was a good mystery, keep me reading to find out what happened. I found myself rolling my eyes at bit as some of Shawn and Gus's banter seemed to go on a little longer than necessary for what I'm guessing was less about laughs than just about page filler. Also, I found it a bit much that he had the whole wrap up so staged - I guess that is what happens in the show, but in the show it seems to more or less just come together than Shawn gets the police to force everyone we met in the book to gather for his big reveal... Just didn't seem as fluid as on tv. I did enjoy it, though. It held my attention, and its nice to get a psych fix through these long hiatuses
review 2: I really like this series considering I love the show. You can hear the characters
... morevoices in your brain practically while you are reading this which is awesome. Shaun and Gus are requested by his father to take a present to his friends bachelor party....at the fortress of magic. They see a big green giant perform the dissolving man trick. Which results in the martian missing, and a dead man floating in the tank where the martian once was. Shaun and Gus are hired by the martians boss Benny Fleck. They are invited to Vegas to investigate the martians apartment when Shaun comes to the idea the Martian is not real. Who killed this guy in the tank? How did it happen when the martian was just in there? Who is this dead guy anyways? less
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Series rating: 6/10 (pretty good)Fun, fluffy mystery book companions to the Psych TV series.
LOVE this series! Just like the TV show but in book form!!!
Good, but not my favorite. Took me awhile to get through it
Fun read!!
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