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Bloody Meadow (2012)

by William Ryan(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 1
0330508423 (ISBN13: 9780330508421)
Pan Publishing
Captain Alexei Dimitrevich Korolev
review 1: This has been a cracking read. The Holy Thief was an excellent read too. I gave it 3 stars but really I should have given it 4. Set in Russia in 1936, the principle character, Captain Korolov an honest cop has been sent to the Ukraine to investigate a murder. Of course nothing is ever what it seems. In trying to work out who did it he's soon caught between the NKVD, the Moscow Thieves and the local militia, all who have an interest in the murder. Just started the third in the series, the 12th Department, already difficult to put down.
review 2: I received a copy of this book from Goodreads. I really loved the setting of this book. I have always been interested in Russian history and the Soviet Union. This book took place in The Soviet Union in the late 1930
... mores. Wow, what a scary time and place to live. A person could not trust anyone for fear of denunciation by friends or even family. William Ryan did an excellent job of portraying the fear and uncertainty of this time period and location. I loved that whole aspect of this novel. I felt that the novel was kind of slow going at first, mainly because I had trouble keeping the characters straight in my head due to my unfamiliarity with Russian/Ukrainian names. Luckily the author placed a list of characters and descriptions in the front of the book. I found myself referring to it a lot while reading the first half of the book. Once I got the characters straightened out in my mind I was able to enjoy the book more. I liked the mystery of the book, but it was the setting and history of the time period that really stood out to make this a remarkable read. less
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It was a very good story, but a bit confusing due to my lack knowledge of the Soviet Union.
As enjoyable as his first book - highly recommend it to thriller lovers.
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