The Vanished

The Vanished podcast embodies everything we support at True Crime Podcast Review.

The podcast covers one missing person case per episode. The host digs as deep as possible into each case—recent and decades old.

This podcast is an invaluable tool for families with missing loved ones and we can’t stress enough how important it is to support podcasts like this one.

The female hosts calmly walks the listener through the full circumstances of the disappearance with audio clips of 911 calls, interviews, press conferences and family interviews. These added elements brings the listener closer to the victim and the circumstances.

If we have any warning when it comes to downloading The Vanished podcast it’s that the stories can be heartbreaking and frustrating. We listen, and will continue to listen because we hope that one day one of us will be able to provide information on one of these cases.

The podcast recently celebrated its one-year anniversary and over that time, it has covered an incredible 65 episodes.

At TCPR, we wish that there was no need for a podcast like this, but we are relieved that as long as there are missing people in the world, that there is a forum like this one to help bring exposure to these stories.

TCPR Ranking 9 out of 10

  • Intrigue Factor: High
  • Binge-Ability: High
  • Bombshell Factor: Low
  • Audio Quality: High

Useful Links:

  • The Vanished Podcast website
  • The Vanished Podcast on Twitter

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