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Zeke (2000)

by Wodke Hawkinson(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Pretty dark. It would have been interesting to see some more of her POV. I have never been in an abusive relationship so I can't grasp how one gets in this situation. I have never met anyone 'charming'enough to get me to believe what they wanted me to believe. I know people like Zeke exist and we walk right on by them unknowingly, but it seriously freaked me out that he is in Nevada - where I live. I don't believe the town stated exists. I may be looking over my shoulder a little more closely over the next few days!!!
review 2: I heard about this book yesterday from a blogger whose recommendation was so good (tension on every page, psychological depth) I went to Amazon and read the sample. Hooked, immediately. I bought it, finished it five hours later--simply c
... moreouldn't stop reading. Sure, it's got self-pubbed issues--could've used some editing for repetitions and a couple of minor continuity gaffes--but all in all it's an excellent read. The story flows effortlessly, the plot is riveting, the characters well-rounded and very human, and the exploration of the psychological aspects of abusive relationships is very well done. A shy girl meets a charismatic hunk and falls for him. From page three you want to jump inside and tell her NO! STAY AWAY! But you're forced to watch, nibbling at your fingernails, as he wraps her deeper and deeper into his web of control. That aspect of the psychology is done marvelously, in my opinion. less
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The writing was very poorly done. The idea was good, but I wish it had been executed much better.
Very predictable plot. I could have written the epilogue after reading the first two chapters.
Really liked this book. Are there any similar?
Scary, evil boy!
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