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Duck, Death, And The Tulip. Wolf Erlbruch (2006)

by Wolf Erlbruch(Favorite Author)
4.47 of 5 Votes: 4
1877467170 (ISBN13: 9781877467172)
review 1: My first thought upon finishing this was "Wow...I would never read this to a child." My second thought was that I really liked this book. It's very gentle and sort of sweet, which is super strange considering the subject matter. I don't know who on earth the intended reader is--maybe children with terminal illness, or a child who has just lost someone? But the story is so personal to the duck--the duck is the one conversing with death--that I feel like it would be most soothing to a child who may wonder about death tagging along behind them. I don't know. It was such an odd book but I did really enjoy it. I don't quite know what to think!This might be a book I want near me when I am about to die. It's oddly comforting.
review 2: At first this book scared me, wi
... moreth the title and the pictures. But after reading it I thought it was such a beautiful story. Usually death is scary in stories but in this book death is just there and the duck knows it. But the duck is not scared and death is not scary. They strike up a friendship and have a good time until it is deaths time to take duck. And when duck goes, death takes care of him. This book gives us a different look at death and that it doesn't have to be scary. less
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Amazing.. It deals with the most important issue of our daily life most amazingly..
Definitely a picture book for adults...
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