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Duck, Death And The Tulip (2006)

by Wolf Erlbruch(Favorite Author)
4.47 of 5 Votes: 3
1877579025 (ISBN13: 9781877579028)
Gecko Press
review 1: A charming book about Death and a duck striking up a friendship. While in picture book format and beautifully illustrated, I can see this one having a hard time finding an audience. Us Yanks sometimes have a hard time appreciating the subtleness and oddity of European picturebooks. It feels more like a book for grown ups, thought I suspect my daughter is one of those kids who would appreciate it, macabre and philosophical little thing that she is.
review 2: As I started reading this, I slowed my pace and almost glanced ahead to see what I was reading. My two littlest just flipped through other books, that left my 7 year old to experience this along with me. It was pretty boring up until the end, and then all of a sudden we both looked at each other and said h
... moreow that was kinda sad, tears welling up in our eyes. We flipped back, and made sure, and yes. Its a strange little book, that I'm not sure I would reach for again, but for a one time read, it did leave a small impression on me that seems to have stuck. less
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A different (yet very child friendly) perspective on death.
Moving, extremely beautiful.
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