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Night Vision (2013)

by Yasmine Galenorn(Favorite Author)
4.19 of 5 Votes: 1
0425259226 (ISBN13: 9780425259221)
Indigo Court
review 1: The Blood Oracle has been set loose upon New Forest, Washington and Rhiannon has been kidnapped and Cicely must lead her forces in a bloody battle to save her cousin before everything they have worked for crumbles to dust in this captivating urban fantasy.This fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers on the edge with lots of suspense, action, and drama. The well written scenes inspire vivid images and capture the imagination and the well orchestrated suspense and drama draw the reader deeper into the story. The action scenes are exciting and believable making it easy to get caught up in all the thrilling situations that Cicely and her forces must face in order to save Rhiannon and the characters are strong and enticing ensuring that the reader wants to know everyt... morehing that is going on.The story is non-stop action and drama that keeps things exciting and seemingly never ending for Cicely, especially when her and Rhiannon thought their destinies were getting closer to their grasp, they thought they could rest a little while Myst was hiding in her shadows of course they realize she is regrouping but was too much to ask for just a small break. No…the renegade vampires Leo and Geoffrey just had to stir things up by setting none other than the Blood Oracle loose on New Forest to cause lots of havoc and of course Leo taking Rhiannon is just the icing on the cake for Cicely. Maybe one day she’ll be able to the Queen of Winter and settle down with Grievem and Rhiannon, the Queen of Summer will be able to have her happily ever after with Chatter.Once again Yasmine Galenorn makes a story that is fascinating, thrilling and exciting with surprising twists and bewitching characters including the chilling villains. I was completely caught up in the story from the very beginning and couldn’t put it down until I found out how Cicely and Rhiannon fared against these enemies. Note: I highly recommend that the series be read in order to get the full impact of the characters and the situation surrounding them.
review 2: The pace of this book in the series left me breathless.As Cicley and Rhiannon enter the world of the Seelie to become Queens in their own Courts the world keeps spinning its wicked web of betrayal, pain and injustice.We are caught, like they are, by the challenge to stand up to evil. To find it and hunt it down in this world so the Queens and their allies can live in peace.Yasmine spins a web of a world where a vampire becomes a hero and Cicley is told to stand down and let others fight her battles.Of course, Cicley acts - her friends are in danger. The way it happens though shows us as she stands in recognition of her own power as Queen and lover.I never want to see Crawl in public again - the fear Cicley feels is mirrored as I turned the page to see what happens...The end result is a book we never want to put down. less
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This was a great addition to this series, couldn't put it down.
Can't wait to read the rest of the series!
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