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Paprika (1993)

by Yasutaka Tsutsui(Favorite Author)
3.42 of 5 Votes: 5
1846880777 (ISBN13: 9781846880773)
Alma Publishing Company
review 1: Tsutsui completely squanders an original idea by infantilizing yet sexualizing his supposedly strong female protagonist and making just about every character unlikeable. The story is all over the place and has less to do with the unstructured dream worlds in which the characters find themselves and more to do with shockingly bad writing. I suspect that the translator shares some of the blame, but wow was Paprika a massive disappointment.
review 2: I read this out of curiosity. I had watched and loved the movie by Satoshi Kon, but I honestly felt the movie did a better job at trying to relay the message in the book. The movie itself was completely convoluted, but at least it made the story more concise. I just felt lost with this one.That being said, I can't dis
... morecount that the way the book was written was beautifully and there were some points that did clarify my questions with the movie. I guess that's why I can't completely deny this book the extra star. less
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This book was very...interesting... I'm definitely going to have to write a review later :)
Wow, this book took me on a very strange Inception-esque journey.
Beautiful...Beautifully intense, graphic, provoking work.
This book is a great read!
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