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Princesse Vinyle (2012)

by Yvonne Prinz(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 4
2226238859 (ISBN13: 9782226238856)
Editions Albin Michel
review 1: This book was amazing! First off let me preface by saying I'm a total geek for the preservation of old music formats. I have a wonderful CD collection, a Walkman and I'm hopping to get a record player for my birthday. I loved Allie's enthusiasm for LPs and the fact that I am a blogger like her was a fun connection. And all of the musical references! I love books that give me song and album references (ie The Perks of Being a Wallflower) so I can find new (or old) music to listen to. 5 LPs to the Vinyl Princess!
review 2: This is a cute, and short book by Yvonne Prinz. I read it on a whim, and although I hardly recognized most of the music (terms or names), I enjoyed it still. Allie knew more than enough about Vinyl to keep me interested, and though I wish I kne
... morew more about it all, I had a nice time reading this. Two things confused me, however, and they seem rather superficial, but still: 1) The cover- I'm pretty sure Allie was brunette? 2)The author and the website- I freaked out for a second, thinking that the author actually wrote her life out in this book. Check out the website, and it's exactly as the book describes it, except without all the comments. less
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I love this book! An inspiring story about a girl who learns to love herself.
I'm a big fan of music but this book is.. meh
good book. loved the way it was written
This just wasn't very good.
im thinkin
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