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Dangerous Talent, A (2012)

by Aaron Elkins(Favorite Author)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 3
1612182739 (ISBN13: 9781612182735)
Thomas & Mercer
Alix London
review 1: I decided on A Dangerous Talent for the Seasonal Reading Challenge because I had to read a book by two authors who were new to me. Since I’d looked at, but never read anything by Aaron Elkins, I decided to try out the first in the Alix London series which he writes in partnership with his wife, Charlotte. I loved the front cover and was thrilled when I opened to the prologue and found myself in Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, one of my favorite places in the US! When I last visited there, I took in a lot of the history of Georgia O’Keeffe’s art and life as a recluse in the area, and I loved revisiting Abiquiu and Santa Fe. I also enjoy stories connected to art and the creation of it, so the fact that Alix London is an art consultant looking at a work by Georgia O’Keeffe a... morelso pulled me right into the story. The setting was the star of the show for me in this work. The writing itself is a bit stilted and the mystery is predictable at points, so it only earned 3 stars from me, but if you are a fan of mysteries about art or the southwest setting, I’d give it a try.
review 2: This book very nearly went into the "started but never finished" list. The main character was immature and self absorbed and one really didn't want to spend all that much time with her. But the story moved along at a decent pace and Alex came to see the error of her ways. By the end, she was tolerable and the other characters nicely developed. Also, the foundation was nicely laid for the next book which, to my surprise, I'm looking forward to listening to.I did listen to this on Audible and the reader was good, giving each character a clearly distinctive voice. less
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Entertaining with some nice info on Georgia O'Keefe.
Another fun art history mystery.
nice book
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