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Carnivores (2013)

by Aaron Reynolds(Favorite Author)
4.21 of 5 Votes: 4
0811866904 (ISBN13: 9780811866903)
Chronicle Books
review 1: Not to spoil it, but Carnivores is about Carnivores, in particular the Lion, Great White Shark, and the Timber Wolf. Thankfully this book doesn't dance around the fact that carnivores eat meat, and kids should understand that and know the facts. Don't worry though, this book is no cable show bloodbath on the Serengeti. The story is cute and the illustrations are great and entertaining. Thumbs up! ~The Librarian Uncle
review 2: I absolutely love the humor and the art in this book. I am fully reminded of Bruce in Finding Nemo, and have to read the shark's lines with an Australian accent. My only problem is the subject matter...it's a bit dark. I am desperate to read this book during my monthly visit to first grade classes, but I am worried about upsetting the kid
... mores, especially when the wolf eats the little rabbits (although they do have bad attitudes). less
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My favorite character was the shark with his scuba helmet. It made him seem so vulnerable.
Creepy but funny, or funny but creepy.
As a vegetarian, this was hilarious!
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