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Whatever It Takes (2012)

by Adele Parks(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 3
075537133X (ISBN13: 9780755371334)
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review 1: This took me ages to get into though I did enjoy it in the end, it felt like too many things were happening throughout.Some of the characters were downright nasty & I couldn't quite believe what happened with Mark near the end,I couldn't believe that section of the book at all but I did find Margaret's character fascinating but hard to read of her struggle .Still love this author though,has a way of making you think!!
review 2: I've read all her books but I was less keen on this one. It felt as though the book didn't really get going until half way through. Nothing happened - except for cementing in our minds the great friendship between the two women. They could NOT have been closer. A fact that kept coming into my mind as I read those last few pages. It did n
... moreot work for me. There were a lot of little things that didn't work for me either plotwise. But Ms Parks does a good job at delving into people's characters and making the reader think about the decisions they've made, whether they are right or wrong. But sometimes these characters seemed too extreme to me, too desperate to see the truth, too selfish to see others' needs. Not too desperate to have a child, I do understand that frantic desire though the end change of character was a step too far. Don't want to spoil things because there is a twist in this and if I say too much, it will give it away. But I disliked that twist intensely! less
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Took a long while to get going. Not one of her best but enjoyed some of the issues it raised!
Really a 3.5. A decent beach book. Set in England - always a plus for me.
interesting twists and turns. The story of Margaret was heartbreaking.
Nice twist to end any book but not entirely a page turner for me.
Struggled to finish :(
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