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The Clout Of Gen (2000)

by Ahmad Ardalan(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: John Teddy, a newspaper reporter feels his life has no more meaning, but whilst contemplating ending things by jumping off a cliff, he spots a box, the contents of which will change his life forever.It's hard to class this book as, even though the centre of it has a time traveller, it is about Teddy's new found life and his search for the figure on the video in the box and the consequences of it.I found this story to be enthralling and I was quite moved at times. The descriptions of the settings in Kyoto made me think I might like to visit it. This is one of those gems I've discovered and feel glad that I have.
review 2: I received a free download of "The Clout of Gen" by Ahmad Ardalan in exchange for an honest review. This was his debut novel from June 2012.
... moreI found this novel very difficult to classify under a particular genre to classify it in, so I am not going to attempt this. I really enjoyed reading this novel, and once I started reading it, I couldn't put it downJohn Teddy and wife Susan are a dysfunctional couple, with a young son, Adam... but their marriage has collapsed. John is a newspaper reporter, who was now assigned to cover a story, one from rags to riches. Susan, the soon to be ex, is a nagging wife, from a privileged family, and blames their financial setback on John's lack of motivation. When John finds his wife involved with her boss, he kicks her out and based on this traumatic event, attempts to commit suicide, but the trigger on his gun jammed. Nothing goes right! During another suicide attempt, John sees a box floating in the water, which will change his life forever.John discovers there is a man in Japan that has the ability to predict the future. John takes a long overdue vacation and heads out to find this man. John finally tracks down Yaturo Hitari, and the man becomes like a father to him. John makes his home in Japan and begins to learn all about how Hitari can predict the future. John's trip takes him to places he never thought he would see, but with it came the realization of conspiracies and mysteries involving a large group of people.The novel was well thought out and the plot was very intriguing. This author will be one to look out for in the future. Very enjoyable read. less
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Looking forward to reading this book - seems interesting.And good job, Mr Ardalan!
Great book from start to finish. Thanks for recommending this to me Britt.
Amazing book!!! What a wonderfully written novel, kudos to the writer!
Couldn't even get myself to finish it.
It was surprisingly good
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