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Write The Fight Right (2000)

by Alan Baxter(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Short and to the point, Write the Fight Right says exactly what it does, and Alan Baxter offers a valuable resource to any author who might need to write combat scenes.Though real-life experience will always beat theory hands down, there is enough information here, presented in a highly accessible, no-nonsense style, that clears up many areas that might be an issue in fiction.Baxter really takes a broad view – talking about movement, blocking and how fighters’ physical attributes matter. He gives a breakdown on how a real fight is not the same sort of clean, linear type of situation as one expects after having seen movies. Fighters’ concerns are not limited to opponents, but also to the potential dangers apparent in their environment.People who fight get hurt. If you... more take a hard enough knock to the head, there’s a chance you might experience concussion – and you’re certainly not going to bounce right up like a jack-in-the-box to carry on fighting as if nothing is the matter.Baxter touches on the psychology of fighting, and also how the addition of weapons can change the game considerably.Having hung out with martial arts and weapons enthusiasts, I already see much of what Baxter shares as common sense. What I did like was how he’s ordered the information, so this slim volume is a good refresher, and it certainly helps to have all the information laid out so clearly.If you’re looking for a *very* basic introduction to hand-to-hand combat, then I recommend this book. It’s certainly proved to be a useful reminder because there’s no way in hell I’m going to try any combat classes – I’m much too much of a shrinking violet for that. (And, besides, getting beaten up is what the characters in my novels are for.)
review 2: I love fight scenes in books and movies. Now I want to write them effectively in my own novels. Alan's book basically takes you through what you need to be aware of in order to write a decent fight scene, things that you would never even consider as a "normal" person who has never thrown a punch outside Body Combat gym classes.Important aspects such as : * the importance of footwork and range * being aware of surroundings and setting so you are prepared - and of course as a writer, we can set up the physical environment to make a fight scene more effective * throwing and grappling as important techniques - it's not all punching and kicking ... and so much more. There's also the psychology of fighting which is fascinating to me - Alan writes "Fighting is constantly responding to chaos" which in itself is a beautiful phrase. He also talks about sizing up everyone you walk past, assessing their strengths - these are amazing insights into someone trained in techniques that can give our characters rich detail. Basically, you need to invest in this book if you want to write a fight scene that thrills your readers and also helps reveal your character. less
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Essential reading for any author writing a fight scene!
Must read for any author who writes action scenes.
A handy reference guide I'll be coming back to.
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