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Il Dio Delle Nebbie (2008)

by Alan Campbell(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 5
884291472X (ISBN13: 9788842914723)
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review 1: It takes a fall after Scar Night, it tries to cover to much with too little . The gods and Dill's journey in hell are confusing storelines that doesn't explain a lot but let's us connect the dots after re-reading a lot of times. I don't understand the "living" and "dead" status in this book but Menoa can kind of revive you with the form he wants. Also very unlikeable is Carnival's reduced storyline, the badass scarred angel from the first novel is beaten like she was a rag doll.
review 2: Campbell extends his extraordinary vision of this steampunk world into what I found to be a fascinating, profound and mind boggling second novel. In particular, his unsettling vision of hell (and hell on earth) is such a work of imagination that it overrides the usual criticis
... morem that these types of novels try to fit too much into the page. The transformation of Dill is eerie and disturbing, and while the absence of Carnival in this novel is a disappointment, there are more than enough new fiends to entice. less
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Just as good if not better than the first! Again, dark action fantasy throughout its pages.
I really liked this book. It's very dark and the author doesn't pull any punches.
Interesting read; but a little scattered. Ending was very... unfulfilled.
Not as good as Scar Night but still very different.
Excellent! Such detail!
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