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Sea Of Ghosts (2011)

by Alan Campbell(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 3
0230742947 (ISBN13: 9780230742949)
Tor Books
The Gravedigger Chronicles
review 1: I usually avoid fantasy, but I picked up this book because a) Martin Lewis recommended it, and b) the cover art features a deep sea diver. There’s some interesting world-building in this, and a nice line in wit, but the thinly-disguised discussions on quantum mechanics wore thin very quickly, and the unnecessary brutality was also a little wearying. I enjoyed it, but I don’t think I’ll bother with the sequels.
review 2: This book started out amazing. The first chapter alone was one of the most captivating, original, and bizarre things I've read in some time. Unfortunately, it descended into a somewhat boring tale far too quickly.Campbell has created a unique world, a fantasy universe based more off 17th century Europe than the middle ages like we see in
... more traditional fantasy. There is a odd, almost steampunkish element, along with the aspect of a flooded earth. Sadly, there are almost too many alien concepts thrown in, and the rising sea levels are not adequately detailed to the baffled reader for chapters. Even still, the world-building is brilliant and if you enjoy that over a lack of engaging characters, this novel might be for you.I hate to say that. It's not that the protagonists were two-dimensional, it's simply that the wonderfully exciting potential I saw in the opening of this book dropped away. The story presented was a bit quieter, more mundane, and I shouldn't fault the author for a tale he clearly wanted to tell. In the end, it simply wasn't for me. less
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Lite seg i början men blev grymt bra sen. Vill ha näsya bok....nuuuuuu!
I particularly liked the beach of keys...
just could not get into it
this is amazing!!
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