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Iron Angel (2008)

by Alan Campbell(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 3
0553384171 (ISBN13: 9780553384178)
Deepgate Codex
review 1: I continued reading the series simply because of the dark world the author had created and his dark take on angels and gods.The books continues to follow the story of the angel, Dill, and the assassin, Rachel. Dill, more than ever, reminded me of a convenient plot device, a pawn that everyone liked to move around for their amusement, still wasn't real interested in the character. Luckily he was always surrounded by much more interesting characters or environments which kept my interest.Much to my disappointment, Carnival made only a brief appearance in the book. Ah well.. on to book 3.
review 2: Ulsis is dead, Deepgate has fallen, Dill is in hell, and his body is controlled by the spirit of another Archon. The other gods seek the angel Carnival, so that they
... more might free one of their own from his prison aboard a massive floating ship crewed by the dead. While they might be parasites, the gods at least left the living world alone, but the gates of hell are opening and minions of the king of hell are spreading blood across the earth. The only hope for the world is that Dill not be captured in hell and that Carnival's blood frees the God of Salt and Brine. less
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my cousin recommended this book to me, Lord bless him ‘cos it’s EXCELLENT!
Meh. It was dark. Then it was dreary. Then it was just strange.
An improvement on the first book.
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